Basic Homemade Bubble Solution

As its name implies, this is a simple recipe that produces basic and good bubbles. For a long time I would always just use water and dish washing liquid to make my homemade bubble recipes and they would be OK, but it’s the addition of Karo (liquid corn syrup) or glycerin that really holds the solution together to make nice, round, “solid” bubbles.


1 cup water

2 tablespoons light karo syrup or 2 tablespoons glycerin

4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

Stir together until everything is dissolved.


Colored Bubbles

Yes, regular bubbles have a nice sheen of their own, but adding a few drops of liquid food coloring to the mixture really makes a big difference. A note, though, make sure you make this one outside, away from anything that you don’t want stained (cars, patios, decks, etc.). While the food coloring usually washes away, you don’t want to take any chances.


1 cup granulated soap or soap powder

1 quart warm water

Liquid food coloring

Dissolve soap in warm water. Mix in food coloring until you get the shade or hue you want.